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Artist: Cheri Blum
Title: White Orchid Panel
Item No: 40951
Subject: Flowers/plants-floral
Style: Contemporary
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Cheri Blum

A young woman who cherished things with a feeling of age and history. An artist who celebrated beauty in imperfection. These kinds of simple contradictions were Cheri Blum’s trademarks and perhaps the key to her remarkable success.

Cheri Blum (1969-2003) began her career as an illustrator and muralist, creating trompe l’oeil, faux painting and decorative furniture finishes. This background not only provided her with the techniques she used to create her beautiful, unique backgrounds, but also a strong desire to bring art into everyday life. “We should be able to surround ourselves with beautiful art in our homes and offices, not just when we visit museums and galleries.”

Cheri’s approach was inspired by the past, but reflected today’s modern styles. She strove to create art that was peaceful, tranquil and edited of unnecessary detail. The simple, graceful shapes she painted have a timeless quality and restful feeling that make them easy to live with and enjoy.

When asked about her sources of inspiration, Cheri said, “I believe we find inspiration everywhere, in objects that intrigue us, deep within ourselves, and in unexpected places. Some of the great painters of the past, like John LaFarge and William Morris, were able to create timeless art for the walls, and yet also enjoyed great success in the field of industrial and home design. These artists inspire me, and have helped pave the way to achieving my goals.

Until her untimely death in November 2003, Cheri worked in her studio along the banks of the Sassafras River in the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland. “I am truly grateful to be able to make a living doing something that gives me so much satisfaction,” said Cheri.