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The history of art is so vast and varied we cannot even begin to hit on all of the wonderful movements and genres of art that have graced modern civilization. So, think of this as the syllabus for Art History 101, our brief little seminar on the most influential movements of art. Browse around and explore the broad and exciting history of art. Enjoy!

Artist Biographies

Renaissance & Baroque : 1400-1800

  • Renaissance | some of the best art ever created, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Botticelli
  • Baroque | everyday life comes to art

Pre-Modern : 1800-1880

Modernism : 1880-1945

  • Post-Impressionism | Van Gogh meets Monet
  • Expressionism | emotional expression goes mainstream
  • Art Nouveau | lets forget about the traditional past
  • Fauvism | if you like bright colors, you'll like these guys
  • Cubism | Picasso and his friends start to make things look a little strange
  • Surrealism | melting watches, burning giraffes, oh my!

Modern - Post-Modern : 1945-Present

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