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Artist Biographies
Elliot Levine
Elliott Levine is one of America's leading mural painters. He is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and a master of large scale paintings with Renaissance style and a modern touch. Elliott unites the ageless beauty of historical painting with the latest innovations in product and technology. He combines Florentine and Venetian figures with architectural elements and layers of texture. His large handpainted tapestries are often adorned in hand encrusted gold. Elliott also produces furniture, fabrics and glasswall surfaces in his Renaissance style.

Many of Elliott's murals can be viewed in New York City where he lives and maintains his studio. The Rainbow Room and the Trattoria Del'Arte both feature his murals, which are also located in such far away locations as The Royal Palace of Borneo and the Treasure Island Casino. In addition, he is called on to paint sets for many theatre productions, tapestries for the Kip's Bay Show House, and was chosen to design Diana Ross's wedding in Switzerland.

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