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Artist Biographies
Kamy Deljou was born in Shiraz, Iran in October 1957. He began his training through the Metier Guild and apprenticed at the Dariush Academy of Shiraz. He then progressed his Mastership at Pahlavy University, famed for its cultural and modern art disciplines as well as its demanding discipline to craft in a wide range of mediums; acrylics, pastels, oil inlays, printmaking and serigraphy.

Kamy arrived in the United States in 1979 and established his atelier at Graphique Du Jour studios, working with some of the most brilliant names in contemporary art in the Southeastern United States. He developed innovative and original techniques combining ink, acrylic and oil, resulting in art distinguished by bold, elegant shapes and colors, rich in texture and patterns. In the process, Kamy has patented several printing techniques. Over the past decade he has traveled and exhibited his work in the United States and worldwide. His outstanding portfolio of originals bring special commissions from around the world.

With a substantive intellect of craft, creativity and experience, Kamy energetically works in his atelier where he now directs new artists with painting and printmaking, teaching young aspiring artists from Georgia State as well as The Atlanta College of Art, and still manages to produce the great body of his vibrant art.

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