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Chris Paschke, Italian Parsley

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Chris Paschke is an accomplished artist and calligraphic designer. Having grown up in California, she currently resides in Connecticut, en route to another destination and adventure yet unknown. "Art has always been my passion since I was old enough to color, and it has been joined by my endurance Arabian horse and, for the past 21 years, my son."

Her fascination for calligraphy and pen-written letterforms began in college and has been a lifelong study. At first intrigued by western lettering and historic alphabets, her work was Oset free' when she studied with European masters from Germany, Austria, Russia, and Asia, and was Ogiven permission' to stretch the rules surrounding conventional calligraphic approaches. Her comfort with the Sumi brush inspired her to study with additional Asian masters. Calligraphy has brought her "lovingly into the world of passive, peaceful Zen concepts, and the minimalist simplicity of an Asian artist."

Chris hopes to embark on the next level of artistic introspection and understanding when she tours and studies with calligraphy masters in China during August and September 2000. Her original works, often called Asian abstract expressionism, are collages of color, texture, and Zen thought. The beautiful and delicate minimalism of her art will only benefit from this new adventure and study.

"I have spent my entire life drawing, sketching, painting, lettering, and framing. I've trained to make paper, grind ink, build brushes, cut quills, and frame finished products. I have created logos, designed certificates, and created large original abstract paintings for corporate collections. However, my heart lies with brush in hand, the essence of Zen thought in mind, and the depth of my imagination to put it all together."