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David Noton
Born in Bedfordshire, England in 1957, David Noton and his family emigrated to Canada in 1965 and, as a young boy, he developed a taste for the great outdoors. Upon returning to England in 1971, Noton continued to spend as much time as possible hiking in wilder areas of the British Isles: Scotland, Cumbria and North Wales. After leaving school he joined the British Merchant Navy and served for three years as a navigating officer on a variety of cargo ships. During this time of constant travel, Noton began to develop an interest in photography. Beginning as an attempt to document his travels, photography soon became an all-consuming passion.

Although he travels throughout the world and each image is the product of long periods of solitary field work, Noton continues returning to his phhotographic roots in Britain where the variances of the light and proportions of the landscape continue to motivate him. One continuing theme of his images is the quality of the light to be found at dawn and dusk which requires much time spent camped in remote areas waiting for the right conditions. "The endless subtleties of natural light provide me with endless inspiration."

Noton intends to work in all the major environments in the world and recently has focused on the jungles and tropical rainforests. "Any landscape photographer is bound to be 'green,' and I am no exception. Hopefully by creating striking images of the world's most beautiful and fragile landscapes, I can promote subconsciously a greater awareness of nature's wonders."

Noton has work published in many countries and has had many traveling exhibitions. He currently lives in Bristol in the west of England.

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