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Artist Biographies
Marta Wiley
Marta Wiley's (formerly Gottfried) art is an colorful, captivating, and varied as the artist herself. Born in Mexico City, Wiley is of European, Irish and Cherokee descent. As a child, there was a wild streak in young Marta that her grandmother, also an artist, helped channel into the fine arts. Time and maturity have not stilled the childhood energy and verve of this artist. Wiley's passions run as deeply and soulfully as her dignified figurative creations.

My concerns are for the planet, the evolution of the human species, and the balance between the environment and those who are responsible for its continuation. I believe in being aware of personal actions and reactions in order to place the utmost responsibility on the individual. I believe in the individual as a source of ultimate manifestation - in balance and beauty with all living creatures. This is what turns me on the most - the ultimate attainment of the Highest Self - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

It seems that Wiley's quest for Highest Self has led down several avenues of expression. In addition to her poignant and intense concern for the environment, Wiley is a gifted singer and songwriter. Her inspirations follow varied paths - from the mystical and mythological experimental films of Maya Daren, to the far-reaching expanses of Carlos Castenada's writing to meditation and self-imposed discipline. These inspirations are all evidenced through her art - the dreamlike and alluring figuratives, the romantic, fantastical quality of her settings, the bold texturing and decisive detailing. All combine to produce a piece that is equally seductive as contemplative.

Wiley credits her grandmother with teaching her everything she knows about painting. Additional influences are the work and technique of Sargent, Edvard Munch, and Kathe Kollowitz. Wiley was formally trained at Otis Parsons School of Design. While her idealistic time periods are the Renaissance and the time of Atlantis, her peeves center on much more temporal subjects - whiners, complainers and bullies. If current acclamation of her work is any indication, Wiley, or at least her art, won't have anything to worry about.

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