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William Buffett
The landscapes of William Buffett portray serene, peaceful images: pastel beach houses ensconced on bluffs overlooking calm seas; pink and salmon-colored stucco villas situated on peaceful winding streets; and tall yachts moored in tranquil harbors.

Buffett strongly emphasizes design and balance in his artwork and paints only tranquil settings. He has a theory about art: "because there is enough violence and stressful imagery in the contemporary work of many artists, I create art that makes people feel good." Buffett began his art career painting portraits. During the Spring Fiesta in New Orleans where he was showing examples of his portraits, he met a couple from Jackson, Mississippi, who wanted a portrait, but who had to get back home. They offered to take him with them and were sure he would find more work when he arrived. Buffett went and got all the commissions he could handle. There was such a huge market that he decided to make regular visits. Being a bachelor, Buffett also discovered that portrait painting was an ideal profession for meeting attractive, cultured young women. In Jackson he met a wonderful woman, married her and moved to Santa Barbara. During that period he moved a lot and worked infrequently. But, in California, with the courtship over and the marriage begun, Buffett started producing his own limited edition serigraphs and began to prosper.

It was during this time that Buffett perfected his special transparent serigraph print technique which he continues to refine in his newer works. His prints have a luminosity and clarity rarely found in serigraphy. This quality is the result of his special foundations and the pastel palette he frequently employs.

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